Glen D. Vamvoras

Glen Vamvoras Super Lawyer Profile

Glen D. Vamvoras

When you need an attorney who embodies disciplined creativity, passion, and attentiveness, Glen  Vamvoras is the attorney to serve you. Glen’s services are truly comprehensive, and he will use all means at his disposal to defend the rights of his clients. He is an aggressive trial lawyer with 28 years of experience in both state and federal court defending clients in both criminal and civil trials. 

Over the decades, Glen has worked major felony cases in murder, sex crimes, drug charges, and violent crimes, and he has obtained criminal verdicts of not guilty for many of his clients facing these types of charges. Glen Vamvoras has also won numerous motions to suppress evidence and quash prosecutions. He has made a name for himself by handling civil verdicts in premises liability, medical malpractice cases, accident cases, wrongful death, civil rights cases, and general negligence cases. He has also handled high profile cases with some gaining national attention. 

Glen’s broad client base represents his understanding of the people of the region and his ability to build strong, persuasive cases that preserve the freedoms of his clients. From judges, labor leaders, and police officers to business owners, healthcare workers, and public servants, Glen is able to garner the trust and respect of those who have seen him at work. Glen began to practice law as a solo practitioner in 1983 and is rated A-V by Martindate-Hubbell.


Hornors and Awards

  • Selected to Super Lawyers 2017-2021