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If you are a parent facing divorce, separation, or paternity issues, it is critical to consult with an attorney who has significant experience in Louisiana child custody. At Vamvoras Antoon Attorneys at Law, we recognize that decisions about child custody are some of the most important you will make in your lifetime. In most cases, both parents want to protect their children and make decisions that are in their best interest. Our firm strives to make the custody process as easy as possible, and will work with the opposing side to attempt amicable resolution. Unfortunately, parents often do not see eye to eye on matters involving custody and visitation schedules. You need to work with a child custody lawyer who can advise and represent you in obtaining a fair and realistic outcome for your family.

Child Custody Modifications

Life changes can often make your original custody plan impractical. If you are seeking a modification to your current custody arrangement, we will review your situation and determine how to negotiate or litigate a modification that is in your child’s best interest.

Types of Child Custody in Louisiana

Louisiana courts encourage parents to create their own custody agreements to submit to the court for approval. If your parenting plan is reasonable, it will more often than not be approved. However, if parents cannot see eye to eye, a Louisiana court will ultimately make the final determination as to what custody arrangement is in the best interest of the child. We will help you avoid costly and emotional litigation whenever possible.

Joint Custody vs. Sole Custody:

  • Joint Custody: Louisiana Courts favor joint custody awarded to both parents. When parents have joint custody, they share equal legal authority regarding major decisions about their children’s lives. The amount of time each parent spends with the child (i.e. physical custody) will be determined by a joint custody plan. Parents with joint custody can have shared/equal time with their children when it is appropriate under the circumstances.
  •  Sole Custody: Sole custody is rare; however, it is allowed for in certain situations, such as when a parent is unfit or unable to make reasonable decisions concerning the welfare of the minor child. Even if sole custody is awarded to one parent, the other may still have visitation rights and time with the minor child. The visitation may be supervised under certain circumstances.

Non-parent custody and visitation rights:

We also have experience with child custody and visitation issues involving grandparents and other non-parents.  When an award of custody to either parent would result in substantial harm to the child, the court can award custody to a non-parent. In certain situations, visitation rights can also be awarded to non-parents.

Child support:

Depending on the type of custody and visitation schedule awarded, one parent may be entitled to an award of child support which is based on the incomes of both parents. An award of child support may be modified if the circumstances of either parent materially change. Our firm has experience in obtaining and altering child support awards.

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If you are contemplating divorce and have children, or if you have a child with someone to whom you are not married or not committed, now is the time to consult with a family law attorney that has significant experience negotiating and litigating child custody plans. Vamvoras Antoon Attorneys at Law will provide you with skilled representation and the personal attention you deserve. Our goal is to help clients resolve their legal challenges as easily as possible and move on with their lives.