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Child support is often a major point of contention between parents during divorce or custody proceedings. In Louisiana, both parents are responsible for the financial support of their child. Child support is the payment that a noncustodial parent makes to share in the cost of raising his or her child. Every parent going through a divorce or breakup should consult with a family law attorney to learn how child custody works. In addition, establishing paternity is often necessary in determining obligations.

Whether you are separating, going through a divorce, need a modification or need help with enforcement, Vamvoras Antoon Attorneys at Law will guide you through the process. Our attorneys have many years of experience and will provide you with skilled representation in all types of Louisiana child support disputes.

What Does Child Support Provide For?

The parents’ income determines how much support must be paid. The state of Louisiana uses a statutory table to determine how much money is owed. Child support typically provides for the following types of expenses until a child reaches the age of 18:

  • Housing
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Transportation
  • Daycare and education
  • Medical expenses

We can help you understand how it will be calculated under the law and assist in devising a settlement that ensures your child receives the support he or she needs.

Modifications and Enforcement

Circumstances can change and so can the needs of your child. When monthly payments no longer benefit one or both parents – or your child – child support can be modified through a court order following a hearing. For a modification to be accepted, you will need to demonstrate to the court that a “significant life event” has occurred such as the loss of employment. Likewise, a custodial parent may seek additional support from the noncustodial parent for a variety of reasons. If your existing agreement is no longer working, we will do what we can to modify the agreement to one that better fits your needs. A parent who fails to remain current on his or her obligations faces significant penalties.

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