Explosion Injury Attorneys in Lake Charles

Industrial sites are dangerous places to work and visit. With dangerous heavy equipment and machinery, as well as many people with a wide range of responsibilities present, there may be many different factors which can contribute to serious accidents and injuries. Failure to meet safety regulations, contractor negligence, defective products, spills, and many other occurrences result in devastating workplace injuries and wrongful deaths in Louisiana, and throughout the country each year.

In Lake Charles and surrounding areas, many people are employed by petrochemical refineries, including oil refineries, and other types of industrial plants. Oil drilling accidents, fires and other serious accidents are not uncommon. At Vamvoras Antoon Attorneys at Law our personal injury attorneys have represented many victims of industrial accidents and explosions, and we are prepared to help you pursue maximum compensation for these serious and often life-altering workplace injuries.

Explosion Injury Attorneys In Calcasieu Parish

Whether an explosion is caused by gas, fire or chemicals, the severe burn injuries that result often require emergency medical treatment, hospitalization, surgery and rehabilitation. In Louisiana, explosions on oil rigs or in oil fields and refineries happen on a regular basis. However, car explosions, gas explosions in homes, and other types of explosions can also cause serious injuries. No matter the circumstances of your or your loved one’s accident, it is important to contact our experienced lawyers as soon as possible to protect your rights and preserve valuable evidence.

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